Thursday, November 5, 2009

Teachable Moments

Thanks to Liz at Eternal Lizdom for posting her topic for Weds Weekly Writings.

This week: Teachable Moments

When I first thought about this topic, my mind went immediately to parenting. Once we become parents, I think it is our automatic responsibility to have teachable moments with our kids when necessary.

However, my next thought traveled to the workplace. Hmm...I thought, now that would be something interesting to write about.

I have worked at my current company for 10 years in various roles in the same basic department (IT). The various roles have taken me from software marketing and development, technical writing, quality assurance, support, documentation and to the business analysis career that I am pursuing today. With each experience I have encountered people and many teachable moments.

First, a teachable moment is something to me that is not necessarily something where I am the teacher. It is something where one, some or all parties involved learn something valuable about life and living in this world.

Second, I have been the initiator and recipient of many teachable moments over the years. Initially, I was the recipient (like a child, new in my career, to the workplace). Sometimes I didn't realize until much later that the moment was a teaching moment and that possibly it was a repeat (several times over in some cases :)) of a teachable moment from the past. It is fun to realize that you have had someone take the time to teach something to you that is valuable about life and in those moments of realization I do try my best to thank God for placing that person or experience before me so that I can learn from it.

As I have grown more experienced in the workplace, I have had the opportunity to become the initiator of the teachable moment and that is wonderful to be able to share my experiences with others to help them learn from them. It is also very interesting to note that in most cases the teachable moment actually becomes a learning opportunity for me as well as the other person(s) involved.

**note, I know I am posting on Thursday, but as I was finishing the post, a teachable moment came up with my son and I had to take advantage...

Happy Teaching!