Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Quick Update

Christmas time is a wonderful time of the year, but it sure makes you prioritize what is important when everything is trying to get a bite of your schedule.  Last week I felt it important to spend some time with family from out of town and be with the kids and my husband in getting ready for Christmas.  It was so much Friday afternoon, I could so tell I didn't work out for the whole week.  My hormones were out of whack, I didn't eat breakfast or have any coffee, I was going out of control.  I had to move forward so I had a coffee and a diet coke (yes, in one sitting) and got on with the day wishing so much I had made working out a prioirty at least once or twice that week.  Anyway...that is in the past, but is dutifly being recorded so that when I review for next year, I don't repeat!!!

I am really grooving on my training plan and even though the runs are shorter than what I was doing before I started on it, I love having a plan to follow.  I picked right back up on Monday and had a great run.  I am also signing up for another half marathon.  I have already committed to the Mini in May, but yesterday an email caught my eye about a new half for Women coming up in September.  The Indianapolis Women's Half Marathon will be held in Indianapolis over Labor Day weekend and I am going to sign up for it!  Yes, I do believe I am going insane...two half marathons in one year...I am so excited about the goals though...

So, with that, what races are you training for next?

Friday, December 10, 2010

Training Plan

I am so excited to have a training plan.  Earlier this year, I signed up for the Indianapolis Mini Marathon (held in May 2011).  I walked it (ran part of each mile, but mostly walked) last year and I am determined to actually train and do it for real this year.  Last year I only had 2 days notice before I actually did the event.  Not much of a "plan".  This year, the event sent a link to a free email subscription to a training blog/event info thing and I signed up.  When I went out to the link there was a training plan that started this past Monday (Dec 6) and since it was only the 7th, I thought I would start it off and give it a go.  I have my printout downstairs by my treadmill and am working through it day by day.  I am so excited when I get to check off a run.  I can't believe how motiviating this is.  I am really looking forward to this event.  (Note:  I am also posting this on my blog so that when, in March, I am ready to quit from running so much, I will be able to look back and remember how excited I am now! - So Ashli of the future, if you are reading this, don't slack, just do are awesome!)

Ok, sorry for that, sometimes the fingers just start typing.  Anyway, I wanted to share how excited I am about having a plan.  I also ordered Jeff Galloway's book Half Marathon:  You Can Do It.  He uses the Run/Walk/Run method I am so fond of so I am probably going to transition to his plan at some point. 

I am so excited to see everyone's running posts...really inspiring.  I can't believe the miles we are tracking.  I just hit over 70 (I am using my all time daily mile miles since I only log running and I have logged all the way back to Sept 13 when this challenge started and I hadn't logged anything in DM prior) miles for this challenge and I am so hoping with this training that I can blow the 500 miles out of the water...

I am obviously writing this just after a run...I am on that high that comes from a consistent exercise to work in some weight training on the off days...any suggestions?

Happy Running...

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

We Did It!

Yay!  We did it!  Congratulations to all who participated in the Virtual 5k this weekend.  Some of you even went the extra mile (or 13.1 :)) and did it twice!  I am so happy to see the results and can't wait to try for another event (anyone want to think about at 10K in March?). 

When I started this 500 Mile challenge and we determined we would do a virtual 5k, I will admit I was nervous of actually running a 5k.  Why, I don't really know, I had run 2 races before.  However, I think it was the fact that it meant that I would have to keep up the running to be able to do the Virtual 5k as planned.  I am happy to say that the experience was exciting to have so many people involved, but somewhat of a non-event since I have been able to run 3.1 miles for a while now.  I am happy that it gave us a motiviating event to do together, but I am ready to go the extra mile (pun intended :)).

Also, congrats to Beth for finishing her first "half-mary"!  Your time was awesome and I was so happy to read that you had an awesome experience.  Your emotional breakdown at the end reminded me of mine at the end of running the first 5k that I had really trained for.  What an accomplishment! 

Anyone have any races coming up? 

Happy Running!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

It is here - The I Will Blog 500 Miles Virtual 5k

Here are the rules...they are so simple:
1.  Run/Walk 3.1 Miles between Friday December 3rd and Monday December 6th
2.  Post a comment to this post with your time and when you ran.  Also include any thoughts on your experience and if there is any interest in doing another in a couple of months (February or March).

Have fun and good luck.  I look forward to seeing everyone's results!


Sunday, November 28, 2010

Forgot the "blog" part

So, yesterday when I was working out, I finished just shy of 2.2 miles and was so excited about the workout.  Then I realized "oops", I forgot about the "blog" part of the whole 500 mile challenge.  You all have been doing so great and I am so excited to see your posts, I just am not used to posting anything. 

So I am currently at 63 miles and that puts me at 12.6% complete.  I am a little behind on my 10 mile per week average, but I am not going to let that get me down.  I am making some great strides in speed and overcoming some obstacles in schedule with my new job and my husband's start to basketball season (he coaches a high school girls' team).  My kids are letting me run when we get home from school/work while they wind down from their day.  Then we have dinner and fun time before bed.  I am able to do 2-3 miles at a time and I know as I get faster I will be able to do more.

Also, I have some wonderful news in the clothing department.  For the first time in 7 years (and even then it was only for a short stint) I was able to walk into a store and pick up and purchase a pair of size 8 jeans.  I wore them Friday (for the traditional day after Thanksgiving shopping with my mom and sister) and they felt great all day!  I will admit that there were a couple of times I had to check the actual tag on the pants to be sure that I wasn't just lying to myself and they were actually 10's, but they were and are really 8s.  I have only lost a few pounds since starting this 500 mile challenge, but obviously something is trimming down to be able to fit into these pants so easily.  I even tried on 2 different size 8 pairs and they both fit and I got to choose which ones I liked the feel of best not the "fit" of best.  A very exciting day for me!

I will try not to forget the blog part of this journey and welcome any comments with updates that anyone wants to share. 

Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving.  I am looking forward to our Virtual 5k next weekend.  I will put up a post this week where you can all comment your results on.  Hope everyone will join in.  And remember, you don't have to be able to run the whole thing, just log 3.1 miles and  your time between Friday the 3rd and Monday the 6th.

Happy Running!


Wednesday, November 3, 2010

7 Weeks Down

I can't believe it has been 7 weeks since I started this challenge.  I have learned so much and wanted to share a few of those things.
  • Setting a goal is really motivating. - To actually put the 500 miles on paper in weekly intervals really showed me that I can do this.
  • Life sometimes gets in the way of that goal.  - This is a big one for me since I realize that I am only 48 miles into the 500 miles instead of the 70 that I should be (goal was 10 miles/week).  I made some choices during my job switch that sleep was most likely healthier for me than running (who is to say whether that was good rationale or not, but it is in the past so I am not dwelling on it). 
  • I am not alone. - I am so excited that there are 16 participants in this challenge on the Daily Mile and that 14 have logged miles toward the challenge.  Some are logging more than others and that is fine.  It doesn't matter that everyone stay on the 10 miles per week pace, just that we keep motivating each other.  It is so motivating to see blog posts of the participants sharing the same challenges that I have with running and it is inspiring to see them work through it. 
  • I like interval running better than just get on the treadmill and start running.  - It breaks things up for me.  It gives me manageable mini goals.  It gets me through!  Maybe someday that will change, but for now, intervals are my friends. 
I am working on badges and I have someone who said they will help make them too.  I am thinking about badges for the first 25 miles and then 50 miles and then every 50 miles after that.  I also want to do a badge for our Virtual 5k coming up.

Good luck to Liz C this weekend in her race.  Sorry I couldn't join you, but I will be thinking about you. 

**I signed up for the mini marathon (May 2011) yesterday!  I walked it last year (with a little bit of each mile running) and I am hoping to blow my time away with some proper training this year.

Happy Running!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Me = MIA!

Sorry to have been MIA for the last few weeks.  I recently was offered an opportunity to advance my career with a different company.  So, after 11 years, I left my former company on Friday and started a new job this past Monday.  I am having a great time and adjusting to the new set of co-workers and office culture.  I am very excited about this move....

That being said, I have been just a little tiny bit busy...try putting 11 years of information stored in your brain on paper in just 10 business days...

I have been working out though and just updated Daily Mile with my stats.  I can see that we seem to all have agreed on the weekend of 12/4 for the Virtual 5k.  I am looking forward to this.  I am working up in intervals.  Right now I am working 5 min intervals with 2 min running and 3 min walking.  Next week I will switch to 3 min running and 2 min walking and then the following week I will work up to 3 miles.  My goal for the Mini Marathon in May is to run 4 walk 1 for the whole race...So once I get done with the virutal 5k, I am going to work up to the 4/1 interval and then start increasing my mileage.

My knee is still bothering me a little, but I am wearing a compression sleeve and that makes running better.  I have tried icing my knee a little and just haven't been too diligent about any therapy for my knee...I know...bad for me.

I am so excited to see everyone's progress!

More later...happy running!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Virtual 5k

Someone on the 500 Mile Challenge on Daily Mile (see tracking widget at left and click to be taken to the Daily Mile site) mentioned that we may want to try a virtual 5k where we take a period of 3 days and each person who wants to particpate does a 5k workout and posts their time on my blog.  The "Winner" would receive bragging rights and, if I can figure out how to make one, a fun badge.  Even if you are not participating in the 500 Mile Challenge at Daily Mile, I would love to have you do the 5k with me. 

The virtual 5k will be held December 3-6, 2010.  I will post a blog post on the 3rd and times can be added to comments on that blog post.  Who's in?

Also, I am so excited that many of us have broken the 25 mile mark!  A major milestone.  I would also love to do a badge for this, but I don't know how to do a badge.  Anyone out there with experience in this that could help me out?

Earlier this week I was able to run 4 minute intervals again without any knee pain.  This is a major milestone for me as before I was limited to 1 or maybe 2 minutes.  I am so excited that others are following this challenge with me.  I have been so excited to see the results in particpants passing major weight loss milestones and distance challenges!  Congrats to everyone!

Keep it up everyone and have a great week!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Stress and Exercise

I know for a lot of people Exercise (especially running) has been an awesome stress reducer and I am in total agreement on this.  However; I can't seem to tell my body that when I am trying to get out of bed.  My body thinks that sleep is the best stress reducer.  I work out at 5am so it is dark and cozy in my bedroom and my body likes it that way...:)  I've even had conversations with myself about getting out of bed...mentally running through how easy it would be to get dressed, grab some water and go downstairs...if I go, I can watch XYZ on DVR :)  I think I might be going a little crazy?  Anyone else deal with this...please say yes and tell me I am normal.

I did 2.3 miles this morning and feel great.  I am relaxed and ready to face the day.  I would like to take a snapshot in my mind now that my body can register on those days I am trying to talk myself out of it. 

How do you get yourselves motivated?  Anyone else do workouts super early (it is the only consistent way I can find time and desire to actually get in the workout)?

Also, check out the 500 Mile Challenge comment board.  We are thinking about doing a Virtual 5k where we would pick a date and then all post our times.  The "winner" would get bragging rights.  I am not that fast, but it would be interesting for me to see how everyone's times play out.  We are all in different stages of running, but for the most part I think most of us are just short of a year into running (or just getting ready to pass the 1 year mark). 

Happy Running!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Quick Update

Hi Everyone!  I hope your running/walking is going well.  I am hanging in there.  We have been super busy so I am exhausted.  I couldn't get myself out of bed this morning (ugh!) the house was just too cold and I couldn't get motivated to get 3 miles in before a day of work.  I am thinking that I am going to go 2 miles max on the weekdays until I can work up some speed.  That just sounds so much more manageable.  On Saturday's I could do 4 miles instead of my scheduled 3. 

My knee is feeling somewhat better.  I did intervals on Saturday and felt good for about 2 miles of run 1/walk 1 intervals.  Hopefully I am on the mend. 

@Liz, I hope you are feeling better!

Happy Running!


Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Welcome to Week 3

How time flies.  I was just checking on the Challenge at Daily Mile (click the tracker at the left for more details) and am amazed that we now have 11 people in on the challenge.  There are people from all over the country and even Canada.  Having just entered the blogsphere, I am just in awe of how far reaching a plan can go.  I am so happy that you all are joining me!

An update on my progress.  I have now completed 22 miles and am on pace with my 10 mile per week goal.  I will admit that I am somewhat disappointed that my knee is bothering me so much that I can't really run for a lot of the workouts.  I am planning go get a foam roller and work it because THIS WILL NOT BE MY EXCUSE FOR NOT RUNNING...yes I am yelling at myself there.  I am the kind of person who could walk forever.  Just set the treadmill to 4mph and go and go and go :)

However, I have goals.  I want to compete in another 5k (am contemplating one that Liz at Eternal Lizdom is signing up for in November) and I have a goal of 2:45 for next year's Mini Marathon.  I won't make these goals if I am not running!

I did get some new shoes that I like a lot.  I am just so motivated by everyone who is participating or cheering me on in this challenge!

Thanks to everyone and keep up the good work!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Daily Mile

My friend Liz has set up a cool challenge for all of us to track our miles at Daily Mile.  If you want to join the challenge, let me know once  you have an account with Daily Mile (its free!).  Mile counting doesn't start until the day you accept the challenge.  Remember the original challenge time was from September 15, 2010 to September 15, 2011.  If you are keeping pace at 10 miles per week, that will give you 520 miles total so if you start the challenge this week, you should still be able to stay on track and get 500 miles in before the end date!

I have 3 miles to do tomorrow.  I am looking forward to it.  I really need to find the time to get some new shoes so that I can actually run more.  I keep trying, but my knee is killing me.  I just haven't had time this week to do anything about it, but walking is better than nothing right?

I added the Daily Mile widget at the left so you can see my progress as I post my workouts there.  I still plan to make a post on this blog at least twice a week.

I am so excited to see how many people are joining me on this!  Happy Running (and walking)!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Week 1 .. Done!

I can't believe that Wednesday marks the beginning of week 2 already.  I feel like I was just telling Liz that I had this idea for a running challenge and we are starting week 2!  And people are doing it with me!

I logged 10.5 miles in Week 1 (starting off a little ahead never hurts :)).  Overall I felt good about getting the miles in, but I am having a pain in my knee when I run longer than 3 minutes at a time so I am doing mostly intervals.  I think it is my IT Band...I know this is pretty common, but it stinks to have pain. 

Anyone have any good suggestions for IT Band therapy.  I have heard of using a foam roller, but have no idea how to use one or even what to buy...suggestions??

Liz has also given me a great idea to do a badge or something to mark progress on this quest.  I am thinking of something, but haven't had much time to devote to it.  I like the idea...what about anyone else doing this journey with me?  Would you think a badge was cool?

Hope your week is going well...I know that some of you have kept me in the loop on your progress, but I would love to hear how you feel now that week 1 is complete...

Oh, I almost forgot, I know that I talked to a few people who thought 500 miles might be too much as a starter goal.  I recommended cutting the goal in half to 250 (average of just under 5 miles a week...that is less than a mile a day!).  And, if you don't want to run, don't.  Just have fun and enjoy the challenge as you move on to the next milestone!

More Later. 


Thursday, September 16, 2010

4.5 Miles Down -

I am so excited about how things have gone so far this week.  I have planned the following schedule (in case you are following along).

Monday - 3 Miles
Tuesday - Strength Training
Wednesday - 2 Miles
Thursday - Strength Training
Friday - 2 Miles
Saturday - 3 Miles
Sunday - Day of Rest

I am also excited to report that I have completed 4.5 miles of this journey already.  On Wednesday, I did 2 miles.  I ran and walked parts of it.  Walking at 4mph and Running at 5mph and 2 minutes at 6mph!  Today, was supposed to be my Strength Training day; however, I work out with 2 other women from my department on Thursday's and we decided we would tackle cardio today.  So, I swapped Friday for Thursday and did 2.5 miles.  Tomorrow I will do Strength. 

I don't expect all of my posts to be all about numbers and why I chose to do one thing over another, but for the first day, I wanted to lay some groundwork.

I have also decided that I am in much need of some new running shoes.  I can feel tha the soles are starting to break down.  Lucky for me I received a 30% off at Kohls and I wear New Balance which Kohl's, I will be hitting up Kohl's this weekend for some new kicks.  I hope they have the same kind I am running in now...

With 495.5 Miles to Go...

Sunday, September 12, 2010

I am going to do what?!?

In the past 5 years I can be quoted as saying:

"I am NOT a runner"
"I HATE to sweat"
"I will NEVER run"
"I was a swimmer, I never ran growing up, I am sure that is why my joints just won't work for running."

Let me warn you now, when you hear yourself things like this, just pretend it its "opposite day" because the likelihood of those proclamations holding true is pretty much non-existent.

This past year, I have found myself running 2 5k events, run/walking a half marathon, finding a running training plan to work on speed of all things.  I really can't believe how much I actually look forward to working out...and how much my day changes when I don't.

On days I work out, I am happier, have more energy, feel better rested, am a better parent and wife and have a desire to live out God's will for my life.

When I don't work out...well, let's just say it is not pretty.  Nothing is on time, I am short fused and I really feel like it would be best if I crawled into a hole so I wouldn't be so irritated with everyone and everything around me. 

One thing is clear, I need to work out consistently.  I also crave routine and goals.  Therefore, this next year, I will be working on a quest to walk/run 500 miles.

Start Date:  September 15, 2010
End Date:  September 15, 2011
Goal:  500 miles walked/run

I want to use this blog keep my progress somewhere public in the hopes of providing accountability.  It would be a bonus if 1 or 2 others would take on this quest (or something similar) to help keep me in line. 

Will you join me?