Wednesday, August 9, 2017

New Chapter...One Month Later

Some things are the same...some things are drastically different.

Some days I roll with the punches and embrace the new....some days I feel like a fish out of water.

Some times I am confident...some times I am unsure if I have what it takes.

Some moments are all talk and no action...some moments are all action and not talk.

I try to think things through without getting overwhelmed.  I work to remember that God has this and that He has big plans for me that involve this path.  That He will equip the called and that I don't have to know everything to step ahead to the next stone in the path of life. 

I get attacked by the enemy... a lot!!  I see victory in this because it means that when I am doing things they are things that God has planned.  But it is hard...some days I just fall short and succumb to the unfortunate nagging of the devil himself.  I rebuke him...cry out to God to put up a shield...

I must remain strong even when I don't feel like it.  I must move ahead even though I feel like I fall way short.  I must not listen to the enemy who may have power but no authority in my life.  It is my choice to respond to the sneaky ways of the enemy.  I must choose only God.

I make mistakes...I ask for forgiveness...I work to forgive myself. 

I listen to praise and worship songs.  I read the Word. 

I try to focus on that one tiny next step that God has placed before me.  I try not to look up and to the sides and all around and realize that I am walking on water.  I don't want to sink.  Just one step ahead...only one...the only one I need.

He is the only One I  need.

Jesus....just Jesus.