Sunday, November 28, 2010

Forgot the "blog" part

So, yesterday when I was working out, I finished just shy of 2.2 miles and was so excited about the workout.  Then I realized "oops", I forgot about the "blog" part of the whole 500 mile challenge.  You all have been doing so great and I am so excited to see your posts, I just am not used to posting anything. 

So I am currently at 63 miles and that puts me at 12.6% complete.  I am a little behind on my 10 mile per week average, but I am not going to let that get me down.  I am making some great strides in speed and overcoming some obstacles in schedule with my new job and my husband's start to basketball season (he coaches a high school girls' team).  My kids are letting me run when we get home from school/work while they wind down from their day.  Then we have dinner and fun time before bed.  I am able to do 2-3 miles at a time and I know as I get faster I will be able to do more.

Also, I have some wonderful news in the clothing department.  For the first time in 7 years (and even then it was only for a short stint) I was able to walk into a store and pick up and purchase a pair of size 8 jeans.  I wore them Friday (for the traditional day after Thanksgiving shopping with my mom and sister) and they felt great all day!  I will admit that there were a couple of times I had to check the actual tag on the pants to be sure that I wasn't just lying to myself and they were actually 10's, but they were and are really 8s.  I have only lost a few pounds since starting this 500 mile challenge, but obviously something is trimming down to be able to fit into these pants so easily.  I even tried on 2 different size 8 pairs and they both fit and I got to choose which ones I liked the feel of best not the "fit" of best.  A very exciting day for me!

I will try not to forget the blog part of this journey and welcome any comments with updates that anyone wants to share. 

Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving.  I am looking forward to our Virtual 5k next weekend.  I will put up a post this week where you can all comment your results on.  Hope everyone will join in.  And remember, you don't have to be able to run the whole thing, just log 3.1 miles and  your time between Friday the 3rd and Monday the 6th.

Happy Running!


Wednesday, November 3, 2010

7 Weeks Down

I can't believe it has been 7 weeks since I started this challenge.  I have learned so much and wanted to share a few of those things.
  • Setting a goal is really motivating. - To actually put the 500 miles on paper in weekly intervals really showed me that I can do this.
  • Life sometimes gets in the way of that goal.  - This is a big one for me since I realize that I am only 48 miles into the 500 miles instead of the 70 that I should be (goal was 10 miles/week).  I made some choices during my job switch that sleep was most likely healthier for me than running (who is to say whether that was good rationale or not, but it is in the past so I am not dwelling on it). 
  • I am not alone. - I am so excited that there are 16 participants in this challenge on the Daily Mile and that 14 have logged miles toward the challenge.  Some are logging more than others and that is fine.  It doesn't matter that everyone stay on the 10 miles per week pace, just that we keep motivating each other.  It is so motivating to see blog posts of the participants sharing the same challenges that I have with running and it is inspiring to see them work through it. 
  • I like interval running better than just get on the treadmill and start running.  - It breaks things up for me.  It gives me manageable mini goals.  It gets me through!  Maybe someday that will change, but for now, intervals are my friends. 
I am working on badges and I have someone who said they will help make them too.  I am thinking about badges for the first 25 miles and then 50 miles and then every 50 miles after that.  I also want to do a badge for our Virtual 5k coming up.

Good luck to Liz C this weekend in her race.  Sorry I couldn't join you, but I will be thinking about you. 

**I signed up for the mini marathon (May 2011) yesterday!  I walked it last year (with a little bit of each mile running) and I am hoping to blow my time away with some proper training this year.

Happy Running!