Monday, November 26, 2012

Update - 60 Days Later

Update time!

60 Days ago I posted that I hadn't had coffee in 3 days.  I was excited to be alive.  Fast forward, still no coffee and I feel wonderful. 

I completed the 24 day challenge feeling awesome.  I have so much more energy, my emotions are more under control and I am focused.  For the past 2 weeks I have been using an energy focused vitamin pack instead of just the general wellness pack and that has improved things even more.  I am down 2% body fat and the weight is ticking off.   I am fitting in clothes I haven't fit into (comfortably) for ages and I just feel more confident. 

I smile more and believe I am generally a happier person to be around.  I have noticed that my family and my co-workers are appreciating these changes in focus.  At home, our house is becoming more orderly, we are having fun family game nights and I don't feel so guilty when I take a minute to relax.  At work I have been selected to apply for a leadership program for credit union leaders across the State of Indiana and am finding myself more involved in the strategic and visionary conversations I have been working to be involved in for a while.

I believe that I am noticing these changes because of 3 primary changes that have taken place in my life over the last 90 days:
1. Nuvita - This is my workplace wellness program.  Seeing others that I work with strive for a healthy lifestyle was just the jump start I needed to get back on track.  We have a wellness website with awesome articles and a way to track cardio for the next 9 months to keep us focused on this journey.  I am thankful for these basic tools.
2. Advocare - Truly an amazing product.  Both Jeremy and I are seeing amazing results, not just in our waistline, but in our relationship.  We workout together (and are seeing the kids want to work out with us more - they both added workout stuff to their Christmas lists this year :)) and food choices are much better when we are both working to eat healthier.  We like the products so much that we have become distributors in order to be able to share these awesome benefits with our friends and family so if anyone is interested in trying these amazing products, let me know.
3. Daily Devotional - This is not intentionally last, it is actually the first thing I do every morning.  I didn't realize how much this daily habit had become a part of my life until I missed a few days over Thanksgiving.  I was praying and talking to God, but I missed out on the "educational" experience God provides through daily study.  Jeremy gave the sermon at church yesterday and one of the take aways was connecting daily with God.  When I was thinking about daily study this morning, I realized that in the Lord's Prayer we ask for our daily bread.  God gave manna to His people daily...only what they needed.  We must seeking the living water and bread of life daily in order to sustain and fill our spirit.  It is only when we are filled that Christ may use us to fill others.

Anyway...good stuff going on...praise be to God.