Monday, February 16, 2009

Remembering WHY...

We had an all company event today at work...a Day of Celebration.  There is something neat about having all of your co-workers together in one room celebrating success in times like these.  It is inspiring.  The stories told about service and commitment to sales were amazing.  The Keynote Speaker today was Anne Ryder (a long time newscaster for our local WTHR 13 NBC affiliate).  She has had some amazing experiences including face time with Mother Theresa.  Her speech was awe inspiring.  Not because of her brilliance as a speaker, but because of her faith.  The way that she is able to stand up in a room full of people at a non-faith based event and be so sure of her faith in spite of anyone else...just amazing.  So why remember why...because He is why.  God, our Amazing Heavenly Father, can give strength and permeate through the soul.  His light reaches through people, outward to others and inspiration spreads.  We help people because God first helped us.  We love people, because He first loved us.  We do what we do, because of Him.  Any other reason and we are lost to the cause.

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