Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Week 1 .. Done!

I can't believe that Wednesday marks the beginning of week 2 already.  I feel like I was just telling Liz that I had this idea for a running challenge and shabang...here we are starting week 2!  And people are doing it with me!

I logged 10.5 miles in Week 1 (starting off a little ahead never hurts :)).  Overall I felt good about getting the miles in, but I am having a pain in my knee when I run longer than 3 minutes at a time so I am doing mostly intervals.  I think it is my IT Band...I know this is pretty common, but it stinks to have pain. 

Anyone have any good suggestions for IT Band therapy.  I have heard of using a foam roller, but have no idea how to use one or even what to buy...suggestions??

Liz has also given me a great idea to do a badge or something to mark progress on this quest.  I am thinking of something, but haven't had much time to devote to it.  I like the idea...what about anyone else doing this journey with me?  Would you think a badge was cool?

Hope your week is going well...I know that some of you have kept me in the loop on your progress, but I would love to hear how you feel now that week 1 is complete...

Oh, I almost forgot, I know that I talked to a few people who thought 500 miles might be too much as a starter goal.  I recommended cutting the goal in half to 250 (average of just under 5 miles a week...that is less than a mile a day!).  And, if you don't want to run, don't.  Just have fun and enjoy the challenge as you move on to the next milestone!

More Later. 



C. Beth said...

I love The Grid foam roller. You can get it on Amazon for about $40 or from the Trigger Point Therapy website. My first foam roller cost about $18 but only lasted a few months because the foam broke down. The Grid foam doesn't break down.

My foam roller has gotten me past IT band issues more than once. (Most recent was just a couple of weeks ago.) Don't just roll on it. When you hit the really stiff spots (the places that really hurt) stay there awhile, to really work it out. Roll your whole quad area too--the front of your quad, and the area between your quad and IT band--in addition to rolling your IT band.

When it's REALLY tight, it helps on the quads to put the foam roller in one spot--say, right above your knee--and pulse your leg three times, bending at the knee (moving your foot toward your butt, and then back down.) Then move just a smidge so the roller is hitting the spot just above where you were, and pulse 3 times again. Keep going over the entire front of your quad, then repeat the process on the side of your quad. For the actual IT band don't pulse, just roll. Does that even make sense?

Good luck!

12.3 miles for me this week.

cecmrcsoc said...

Way to go Ash! What an inspiration you are. Keep it up!!!

Eternal Lizdom said...

Love my foam roller! I bought mine at Dick's for around $20, I think. You can borrow it- I use one at the gym, too. You just lay on it and use your body's natural weight as pressure and then slowly roll down the muscle. It's awesome- but can be painful.

You might check your shoes to make sure there aren't any signs of wear. You might need new shoes!

I'm starting slow. I did 4 miles last week. I've done 2.5 this week so far (I'm starting my weeks on Sun or Mon) with plans to do more.

One thing that worked well for me yesterday- I was crmaping up during my run and wanted to push to get my 2 miles. But I might have really hurt myself. So I stopped at 1.5 and promised myself to walk at least .5 miles at home that evening. And I did! Teagan and I ended up doing a 1 mile route while Jeff and Zach did about half of it with us. I always have to remember that activity doesn't always have to be done all at one time!

Eternal Lizdom said...

Ha! And just read your other post about your shoes- new shoes will definitely help with the IT band / knee.

Ashli Moore said...

Thanks guys for the info on the foam roller. I also have a co-worker going through some IT Band issues. Good info!

@Beth - glad you are running along with me. It is cool to read about your minimalist/barefoot running.

@Liz - I am so proud of you for stepping up to the plate again and making a focus on this goal!

Eternal Lizdom said...

You need to join DailyMile, Ashli! I was messing around and created a challenge for your 500 Mile thing- linked to the blog and all that. Several folks doing the challenge are already on DailyMile so it might be a fun way to play. Go to my Facebook page - there is a post on my wall about it.

~ Lori ~ said...

Just so you know...complete strangers are jumping on your 500 mile bandwagon! I know Liz, so I found your blog through her and figured...what the heck...I'll do 500 with these gals! I will post at the end of each month what my total is for that month. I've got 19.8 miles logged for September, but I only started logging less than 2 weeks ago. I wasn't keeping track before! But, I am tracking now and I'm gonna get to 500 with y'all. I am using dailymile to keep track of my mileage. I'll check back on 9/30 to let you know my monthly total...KEEP IT UP!

Ashli Moore said...

@Lori - Thanks for joining in!