Sunday, September 12, 2010

I am going to do what?!?

In the past 5 years I can be quoted as saying:

"I am NOT a runner"
"I HATE to sweat"
"I will NEVER run"
"I was a swimmer, I never ran growing up, I am sure that is why my joints just won't work for running."

Let me warn you now, when you hear yourself things like this, just pretend it its "opposite day" because the likelihood of those proclamations holding true is pretty much non-existent.

This past year, I have found myself running 2 5k events, run/walking a half marathon, finding a running training plan to work on speed of all things.  I really can't believe how much I actually look forward to working out...and how much my day changes when I don't.

On days I work out, I am happier, have more energy, feel better rested, am a better parent and wife and have a desire to live out God's will for my life.

When I don't work out...well, let's just say it is not pretty.  Nothing is on time, I am short fused and I really feel like it would be best if I crawled into a hole so I wouldn't be so irritated with everyone and everything around me. 

One thing is clear, I need to work out consistently.  I also crave routine and goals.  Therefore, this next year, I will be working on a quest to walk/run 500 miles.

Start Date:  September 15, 2010
End Date:  September 15, 2011
Goal:  500 miles walked/run

I want to use this blog keep my progress somewhere public in the hopes of providing accountability.  It would be a bonus if 1 or 2 others would take on this quest (or something similar) to help keep me in line. 

Will you join me?


C. Beth said...

Love it! I'll join you in your quest! That fits with the training schedule I'm doing now, so it'll be fun to keep in touch with each other.

I log my runs at C. Beth Run. Don't feel obligated to follow me there; just thought I'd share the link.

Leticia said...

I am going to jump on board and try to do this. 500 miles in 365 days should be totally doable!

Great blog post. :)

~ Lori ~ said...

I'm game! I read your guest spot on "Lizdom" and I think 500 in a year is a GREAT idea!

Nancy said...

I am in with you. I will be walking with you, but 500 miles starts tomorrow!

Ashli Moore said...

Thanks everyone for your comments! I am looking forward to traveling this journey together!