Saturday, March 5, 2011

Mini Marathon Training Series 10k

The one thing that I am really missing in doing these pre-race training runs is my buddies in my book club.  We meet on the first Saturday of every month which is also the days for the Mini Marathon Training Series Runs.  The irony is that the book they read for today was "The Art of Racing in the Rain"  while I did not read it and it has nothing to do with running, the title was a perfect fit for what I was doing today.

It rained...a lot.  I ran at least a few miles in my $1.99 poncho from Dick's (thank you to my friend Liz at Eternal Lizdom) and was so glad that my husband suggested a change of clothes for after the race.  It wasn't freezing, but I definitely got a chill post-run with the wet clothes and all.

As a treadmill trainer, I never know what to expect on the outdoor runs.  I am pleased to say that I enjoyed this run.  I had a great mix on the iPod and the route was pretty varied.  We went over the bridge to the White River a few times which broke up the route.  The race volunteers were so supportive.  I can't say that I loved running in the rain, but I can say (after a nice hot shower and change of clothes) that I enjoyed this run.

So excited about my time too.  A few weeks ago, I ran 6 miles on a Saturday on the treadmill and took about 85min (1hr25min) and today I rocked a 1hr18min (78min) 10k.  So that is faster than my 6 miles and .2 miles more than my previous run.  Yes, I am geeking out on the math, but I am geeked about my time. 

So fun running with some buddies again.  We start off together and then I am kind of a loner during the race.  Then we meet up at the end.  It works for all of us and it is very motiviating when something like rain could make for an easy excuse to give in and not do the run. 

So, good day, good run....15k in a month (eek!).  I am going to be purchasing a foam roller for my IT Band issues (C.Beth - I am also going back to re-read your IT Band posts/comments).  I stretched it a couple of times during the run, but I need to be doing some therapy to loosen it during the week if I want the pain to subside and be manageable as the miles increase.

Sorry for the novel, but I am stoked about this run! 

Happy Running Everyone!


C. Beth said...

You did AWESOME!!

IT band stuff...sigh. I can tell you that I'm at the point where mine's manageable. Even when it gets tight, my roller/massage ball help me to loosen it up. (Sometimes mine tightens up due to tight glutes and/or hamstrings, and the little ball works better on those than the roller.) Stretching seems to help in the short term & I stop and stretch during runs as necessary, but it's the rolling that helps me really get past it...every time it flares back up!

Eternal Lizdom said...

You did great and I love that we have our little running group!!

I went for a sports massage yesterday and felt soo much better. It isn't a permanent fix but it is a great way to loosen up muscles and joints.