Monday, March 26, 2012

New Workout Plan

I like to switch things up every 30 days or so.  I had a challenge that I started with Walk Away The Pounds in February and merged into March.  I have been dabbling around for a couple of weeks now with Yoga and other things to keep exercise a part of my schedule, but, for me, having a calendar is a must!  I just don't stay on track without one.

Last week a friend of mine of Facebook posted a link to a beginner running program from Women's Health Magazine.  I really never saw myself running again, but like my previous post, I should learn to "never say never"...

The workout is a 6 week plan that moves from walking with short 1 min intervals of running to running 30 min straight.  There are 2 things that I really like about this program.  First, it incorporates 2 days of strength training with exercises I can do right at home.  Second, it only works up to 30 min of running. 

One of the mistakes I think I made before when I was running was to think that I always had to be training for a half-marathon.  Thinking back, I think that that mindset led to a burnout for me as I just really don't enjoy running at those longer distances.  This could be a result of several things.  I really think the strength training will help as I did not have that incorporated into my plan last time and I think it led to some painful legs due to imbalanced muscles.  Perhaps with better conditioned muscles, I will enjoy the longer distances better after some time.

For now, thougth, I am happy to settle at 30 min...possibly move to their next plan that would take me from 30 to 60 min of running.  I am just happy to stay with this program for now.  It is 6 days a week (4 running/walking, 2 strength training) with a rest day on Saturday. 

I did workout 1 this morning and feel great.  Wow it felt wierd to run those 3 one-minute segments...

I am excited about this new plan!


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