Thursday, April 12, 2012


I am reading a book right now that I would highly recommend by Andy Andrews.  It is called "The Noticer"...I just finished his book "The Travelers Gift" a week or so ago and would highly recommend it too. 

The premise of The Noticer is Perspective.  There are many lessons to glean from the book, but the overall theme is that no matter what the situation, if you take a minute and look at the situation with perspective, your attitude is bound to change. 

This got me to thinking that not all perspective is good.  We must seek God to give us the perspective He wants for us, not the perspective we want for ourselves.  We all want an outcome, we all need God's outcome.  Sometimes my perspective doesn't line up, but I get the outcome I want...well, what I think I want anyway.  I was reminded of this when listening to a Joyce Meyer podcast this morning on my drive in.  It was her podcast from Tuesday of this week (I am a bit behind :))...

Joyce reminded me of the story of the Israelites as they traversed the the beginning God gave them manna every day and then their perspective changed.  Instead of wanting what they needed and what God was giving them, they set their minds on wanting something else.  (Numbers 11).  All through the wilderness (an 11 day trip that took so much longer) they complained and rebuked God.  I just wonder if they had kept a Godly perspective if they would have reached the Promised Land in the 11 days...

I guess all I am saying is that I am going to try to take a minute and pray for perspective.  I know that sometimes it won't always lead to exactly what I think I want, but, if I follow God's perspective, it will always lead me to what I need!


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