Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Letters

Wow I coudn't put it down. I would definitely recommend "The Letters". Not a big book by any means, but powerful. So powerful. Love has such power and it is depicted brilliantly in this book.

Going to read Eat Pray Love next. Have heard a lot of people say that they have read it, but not too much more about it. I am looking forward to finding out for myself!

My husband is gone for the week so it is just me and the kids. Day 1 went great! We had a good morning routine (early for the kids and what they are used to, but good nonetheless) and then went to my Mom and Dad's for dinner. Had baths...crashed :)

Tonight we are going to try to get my son's hair cut and then play with the kids in the neighborhood if the weather is good. Hopefully the kids will get to talk to "daddy" too :)


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