Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Kids got to talk to their dad last night. Smiles all around.
Neighbor came over with her kid who is the same age as my oldest. Fun times.
Kids were in bed by 10pm. Yay!
Still tired this morning and really missing the workouts that I have gotten used to, but with my husband not here, it is hard to keep the schedule I did before.
Looking forward to my bible study class tonight. A fun group of ladies and a light-hearted conversation is just what I need for that mid-week pick me up.

Started Eat.Pray.Love. last night. Like how it is separated out in chapters/books with certain reasoning behind it and that reasoning was explained in the introduction. Looking forward to reading more tonight. Didn't get too far as I was exhausted!

Rainy here today, but we need it. Our yard was getting crunchy :)


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