Thursday, September 16, 2010

4.5 Miles Down -

I am so excited about how things have gone so far this week.  I have planned the following schedule (in case you are following along).

Monday - 3 Miles
Tuesday - Strength Training
Wednesday - 2 Miles
Thursday - Strength Training
Friday - 2 Miles
Saturday - 3 Miles
Sunday - Day of Rest

I am also excited to report that I have completed 4.5 miles of this journey already.  On Wednesday, I did 2 miles.  I ran and walked parts of it.  Walking at 4mph and Running at 5mph and 2 minutes at 6mph!  Today, was supposed to be my Strength Training day; however, I work out with 2 other women from my department on Thursday's and we decided we would tackle cardio today.  So, I swapped Friday for Thursday and did 2.5 miles.  Tomorrow I will do Strength. 

I don't expect all of my posts to be all about numbers and why I chose to do one thing over another, but for the first day, I wanted to lay some groundwork.

I have also decided that I am in much need of some new running shoes.  I can feel tha the soles are starting to break down.  Lucky for me I received a 30% off at Kohls and I wear New Balance which Kohl's, I will be hitting up Kohl's this weekend for some new kicks.  I hope they have the same kind I am running in now...

With 495.5 Miles to Go...


C. Beth said...

Awesome job!! Sounds like you're being really reasonable with your run/walk splits and your speeds.

I have done 6 miles this week. (I'm counting running miles for your challenge, not warm-up walks.) I'm hoping to do 4.3 miles this Saturday. I started going barefoot or wearing minimalist shoes for my runs 2 1/2 months ago, and 4.3 will be my longest barefoot or minimalist run yet. Hopefully it will go well!

Ashli Moore said...

Yay! Thanks for following along. I have been reading your C.Beth.Run blog and like how you log your runs. Hope your run went well today!