Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Welcome to Week 3

How time flies.  I was just checking on the Challenge at Daily Mile (click the tracker at the left for more details) and am amazed that we now have 11 people in on the challenge.  There are people from all over the country and even Canada.  Having just entered the blogsphere, I am just in awe of how far reaching a plan can go.  I am so happy that you all are joining me!

An update on my progress.  I have now completed 22 miles and am on pace with my 10 mile per week goal.  I will admit that I am somewhat disappointed that my knee is bothering me so much that I can't really run for a lot of the workouts.  I am planning go get a foam roller and work it because THIS WILL NOT BE MY EXCUSE FOR NOT RUNNING...yes I am yelling at myself there.  I am the kind of person who could walk forever.  Just set the treadmill to 4mph and go and go and go :)

However, I have goals.  I want to compete in another 5k (am contemplating one that Liz at Eternal Lizdom is signing up for in November) and I have a goal of 2:45 for next year's Mini Marathon.  I won't make these goals if I am not running!

I did get some new shoes that I like a lot.  I am just so motivated by everyone who is participating or cheering me on in this challenge!

Thanks to everyone and keep up the good work!


C. Beth said...

You are doing great!! Hope the foam roller works. :)

Eternal Lizdom said...

Yay!! I'm loving our group on DailyMile! And I loved our walk tonight, Ashli!! I hope you do the Monumental with me- I'd love to have a group like we had for Fishers.