Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Quick Update

Christmas time is a wonderful time of the year, but it sure makes you prioritize what is important when everything is trying to get a bite of your schedule.  Last week I felt it important to spend some time with family from out of town and be with the kids and my husband in getting ready for Christmas.  It was so much Friday afternoon, I could so tell I didn't work out for the whole week.  My hormones were out of whack, I didn't eat breakfast or have any coffee, I was going out of control.  I had to move forward so I had a coffee and a diet coke (yes, in one sitting) and got on with the day wishing so much I had made working out a prioirty at least once or twice that week.  Anyway...that is in the past, but is dutifly being recorded so that when I review for next year, I don't repeat!!!

I am really grooving on my training plan and even though the runs are shorter than what I was doing before I started on it, I love having a plan to follow.  I picked right back up on Monday and had a great run.  I am also signing up for another half marathon.  I have already committed to the Mini in May, but yesterday an email caught my eye about a new half for Women coming up in September.  The Indianapolis Women's Half Marathon will be held in Indianapolis over Labor Day weekend and I am going to sign up for it!  Yes, I do believe I am going insane...two half marathons in one year...I am so excited about the goals though...

So, with that, what races are you training for next?

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