Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Walkin' Away The Pounds

This post is inspired by my friend Liz and her post "I want to ride my bicycle".

A week ago today, I joined Leslie Sansone's "Walk Club". I am so excited about the workouts. Through the Club I can get a calendar of what workouts to do on what day and the workouts are streamed through the website so it is a real no-brainer. I have been setting out my clothes the night before and walking in the morning in the basement. I love these workouts. I used her workouts before after I had my son. The workouts vary in length from 1 mile to 5 miles and average anywhere from 3-5 miles per hour. Essentially, you walk/march in place along with doing varied upper body/core exercises. She adds kicks, side steps and knee lifts to make it a varied overall cardio and strength workout.

I had planned to weigh myself today, but we went on a little vacation last weekend and I believe I had one too many smores :) Instead, I am going to take my measurements as a starting point and take those and a weigh in next week. I am excited to see some results. I feel good about my cardio conditioning from all of that running I did; however my strength suffered and therefore I am a little flabby where I want not to be. So, expect a weigh in and measurement update next week.

I really love to do her workouts and walking is great for me. It can be done anywhere, is easy on my joints (and IT Band which was my nemesis in running) and with the Workouts or a Treadmill, I can walk whenever and no matter what the weather does outside.

Here is to finding and exercise that you love and doing it!  Thanks Liz!

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C. Beth said...

Absolutely! I'm so glad you love walking!