Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Wednesday Wonders

  • 1 Mile WATP last night...No workout scheduled today! 
  • Tonight is Hanging of the Greens at Church.  I always love this service.  They go through and explain the significance of many of the Christmas decorations we see every year.
  • I am hoping to hear that my dad will be home from Westminster by the weekend.  He was supposed to be home today, but he is still there...sigh...
  • I have been trying to spend time on my morning commute turning off the radio and reciting some specific things I am thankful for.  It has been a pretty cool exercise and I hope it becomes a habit.
  • I knitted a wrist warmer last night and it is too small.  I need to make the matching one tonight and then go back and make a pair with my original pattern.  Crafting is fun!
  • These aren't really wonders...I guess I should have said...
    • "I much snow we will get this winter?" 
    • "I wonder...will I win Fantasy Football this coming weekend?"
    • "I wonder...will the Colts win any of the remaining regular season defensive coordinator and new QB...much needed change."

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