Monday, January 16, 2012

Monday la la la... 01/16/2012

  • Feeling good about my exercise and eating...downloade My Fitness Pal last week and have lost .5 lbs.  I only set it to lose 1lb per week so it is working!  My first week isn't done until Wednesday, but my weigh in is on Sunday.  Good stuff! 
  • Working on developing more discipline and self control.  I have asked God to help me prioritize the things I need to do so that I am not doing busywork and am doing His Will.  A hard job that I can't do alone, but only through the grace and love and power of Jesus Christ working through me, the goal will be accomplished.
  • Watched the pictures of the cruse liner that crashed and capsized off the coast of Italy and realized that it was the same size as the liner that my family and I took to Alaska a couple of years back.  Wow. 
  • I also watched a video on MSN today...get the is awesome:


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