Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Tuesday Tidbits - 01/10/2012

  • Caved in and downloaded Angry Birds last night on my phone...I feel like the last one to the show, but I am totally addicted.  Austin and I had fun going through the initial levels last night...Balance Ashli Balance...it's all about balance...(keep telling myself that as I reach for the phone again...:))
  • I am listening to someone tell another co-worker about an email that came out today with a crazy deadline...I am smiling (and sad for this person at the same time) because right before Christmas I advised the person doing the complaining that I had a feeling that it was coming...maybe she will start listening to me :)
  • I did a new FIRM workout this morning.  Crazy moves...it was fun, but it is going to take me a time or two..like the others did...before I am in a groove with it....so glad I re-discovered these workouts...they are right up my alley...
  • We got new carpet at my office, it looks awesome, and because we had to shift the cubicles around to get it put in, our area changed a bit so my cube is now a lot more private and bigger :)  BONUS!
  • I love listening to Joyce Meyer Devotionals every day on my Daily Bible App on my phone.  I listen on my way to work...good stuff... a great way to start the day!

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