Wednesday, February 1, 2012


I am celebrating today! 

At the end of December, Jeremy took the kids on a trip out of state and I was working from home.  I knew I wanted to have a more dedicated focus to fitness in 2012 so I decided to dust off the old "TransFIRMation" DVD's from The FIRM.  There are 4 DVD's and adjustable weights that come with the set (1lb to 8lb each).  (note:  these were purchased between kids as I tried to "get my body back"...I think I did one workout and shelved the whole thing :), needless to say, there was much dust...)  Anyway, they also came with a booklet that described each of the DVD's in the set and also a handy calendar (you must know that I LOVE CALENDARS to tell me what to do every day).  The calendar was a 30 day that gave the appropriate workouts to do 5 days a week and called for 2 days of rest. 

I was bored after finishing my work for the day and so I gave the first DVD a shot.  I loved it.  It was a 25 min sculpting DVD (the workouts range from 25-55 min).  I looked back at the calendar and told myself I would do the whole month.  It helped to know that as soon as Jeremy was back, he would be starting Insanity.  That gave me some motivation knowing that I wouldn't be the only one to get up at 5am to do a workout.  :)

So today - a month later - I am celebrating!  I finished the last workout on the calendar and realized that I finished something.  I did have two days during the month that I got off track simply because I wasn't home, but instead of just skipping them, I found myself repeating the whole week to stay on track.  This is really major for me. 

So major in fact that I have printed off the Leslie Sansone Walk At Home calendar for February and I am ready for the challenge....29 Days...sure I CAN do it.  I plan to reward myself by purchasing a DVD pack of WATP from Walmart that I saw the other day.  And maybe I will get a pedicure :)


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