Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Charity Knitting - Knit-A-Square

Several years back I bought a Knifty Knitter Loom Set and some yarn to make a hat.  I can't remember exactly if I bought the loom to do charity work or I just wanted some sort of craft to do and the needles looked like a little more work than I wanted to do at the time.  I do knit with needles now and I have to say that it is much easier than it looks once you get the hang of it.  I even knit one of those blue and white scarves for the Super Bowl this year with needles. 

Anyway, back to the topic...As I started enjoying knitting these hats, I became addicted to buying sale yarn...any yarn on clearance at Walmart magically made it into my bag...no project in mind...no idea if I even had enough yarn of one color or type to do anything with...I just loved buying the stuff.  I started buying books of patterns for loom knitting and knitting with sticks.  I made some crafts as gifts..made a whole bunch of hats :), a few dishcloths and then wondered what I could do for charity with all of the yarn I have accumulated.   

I have searched around and even subscribed to a blog about Knitting For Charity which was hugely inspiring and through a pattern of links from that site and other free pattern sites, I encountered Knit-A-Square (KAS). (Knit A Square on Facebook, Knit A Square Web Site)...

Basically, I can use all of my yarn to make 8" squares of knitting.  I can play around with different stitches and even make patterns into the square of fun pictures of animals or make stripes, whatever, as long as it is an 8" square made with the gauge and yarns they recommend.  Bonus that most, if not all, of the yarn I own is on their list..

KAS will take the squares that I send them and combine them with other squares sent by other knitters and make blankets for AIDS orphans in South Africa...how cool is that.  There are also patterns for a quickly knit warm sweater or knit stuffed animals for these little people that I can tackle if I need a break from squares or want to try something different. 

I haven't sent any squares/projects in yet, but I am excited to get started on this and to put some purpose behind my mission to knit for charity...

Anyone else knit?  Do you knit for charity?



C. Beth said...

What a great way to use your hobby/talent. I crochet, not knit. I have made some hats for a local homeless charity.

surrealchereal said...

Check our their website http://www.knit-a-square.com they would love to have your crocheted squares!

Pam Johnson said...

So thrilled to have you with us Ashli - welcome to KAS (Knit-a-Square). We all find it such a rewarding cause to knit and crochet for - the pictures of the children wearing our blankets and hats just melt your heart.
From a fello KASer - Pam J