Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Round 2

I am back and ready for round two of my 30 Day Workout Schedules...I have started a workout calendar of Leslie Sansones Walk Away the Pounds and I am loving it.  What surprises me is that the workouts feel different to me this time around.  I have done most all the DVD's I have at least once before this month, but it feels like muscles that I toned doing the TransFIRMation series in January are hard at work this month too!  It is exciting to be able to kick higher and to be able to use more hand weights.  I can feel my muscles burning.  I love it!

I will admit that I did not start the month exactly on task.  I did the 1st day and then decided to take the weekend off.  I was feeling...blech...and exercise would have probably helped, but...well, the excuses set in for a couple of days "got so busy doing something else, I didn't have time", "I forgot", "my legs are still sore and tired from my 5hr walking stint at the NFL Experience (it was awesome, by the way!)" was only 3 days off and I am so glad I pulled myself out of bed yesterday and got back on the program. 


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