Monday, December 12, 2011

Monday Musings - 12/12/11

  • We got our christmas tree yesterday!  I was so disappointed with this year's selecection from the place we got our tree last year.  We found an awesome tree at Kroger.  It is fat and full and beautiful and I am so excited to get home tonight and decorate it.
  • I was listening to the daily Joyce Meyer podcast this morning (thanks to my HTC Evo Shift 4G which I LOVE!) and heard some interesting advice.  She said that when you are in a bad mood, it helps to do something nice for someone else.  I was in such a bad mood yesterday evening for some random reason and I couldn't get out of the funk.  Wish I had used that advice then :)  I am praying that next time my mood is bad, I can remember this!
  • I have presented my first draft of my 2012 project plan to my boss.  It is nice to have a plan on paper to work from.  Even if it will change, it is nice to have a place to start.
  • I am finally seeing some results on the scale from all of the WATP work I have been doing.  Yay!!  I guess I have lost about a pound.  I am at that time of the month where my weight is different every day for a week (thank you mother nature and Eve :)), but I am starting to feel the benefits! 

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C. Beth said...

I love the Joyce Meyer advice!