Thursday, December 8, 2011

Thursday Thankfulness - 12/8/11

  • Thankful for the teachers at Kindercare where Kelli attends.  Kelli forgot her blanket at home today and there was not time to go back and retrieve it.  They were so consoling and caring for the situation and it was nice to be able to leave there, knowing she was sad, but also knowing that she was going to be okay.
  • Thankful for fun food, fellowship and conversation last night at our company holiday get together.  Just basic appetizers, an ugly sweater contest and a small speech, but it really was nice to mingle after work and catch up with some people outside of the office.
  • Thankful for my Pastor who, in a meeting with him last week, reminded me that when we do God's work and follow God's will for our lives, the devil will attack.  And attack he did, yesterday, I was full of self-doubt and anxiety until I called the devil by name and demanded he leave me alone.  Such a freeing moment for me...
  • I am thankful for God who is more powerful than anything the devil can do with my mind.


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C. Beth said...

Woo hoo, amen to that!! :)