Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Tuesday Tidbits - 12/6/11

  • Traffic was good coming into work this morning...even though the commute is an hour :(  Thankfully I can work from home and avoid the commute alltogether on Friday's.  I made it in plenty of time for an 8:30 meeting :)
  • Things are really starting to groove for 2012 in terms of projects at work.  I am looking forward to finalizing the 2012 project plan in the next week or so and get moving!
  • I did a 3 Mile WATP walk yesterday.  It used weights...my arms are so sore.  I loved the extra weight work though.
  • Bonus night at home with the whole family last night.  So nice that everyone was home (Jeremy usually goes to Martial Arts) and we could have dinner and time together. 
  • I am so proud of my kids' progress with the reward charts we introduced a few weeks ago.  This week they actually wanted a "challenge" item so Kelli's is getting dressed by herself in the mornings (this is always a struggle...this morning, no problem :)) and Austin asked if he could help put away laundry...I about fainted, but he put all of his clothes away last night and helped out with another load from the dryer...:)  good stuff!
  • I just checked tracking and my new phone should be delivered today!!!!


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